How to use a record player

If you’ve just received a record player as a gift or purchased one for yourself, you may be wondering how to use it get sound out of your vinyl records.

What you need to play records:

  1. A record player/turntable
  2. A preamp (not necessary if your amp has one built in)
  3. An amp
  4. Speakers

How to set up your turntable:

  1. Plug the red and white cables coming from your turntable to the corresponding plugs in the preamp and then plug the preamp into the ‘LINE’ plugs in the back of your amp. If your amp has a built in phono preamp you can plug it straight into the ‘PHONO’ plugs in the back of the amp without requiring an external preamp.
  2. Plug the grounding wire from the turntable into the ‘GROUND’ port on the back of your amp.
  3. Plug your speakers in.
  4. Plug your amp and turntable into a mains power socket and turn it on.

How to play vinyl records;

  1. Change the input/source setting on your amp to LINE or PHONO depending on what you did above.
  2.  Make sure the tonearm lever/switch on your turntable is up. This will prevent the tonearm and stylus from dropping down hard onto your record. The tonearm should float above the record when you move it over the record and the platter should start spinning.
  3. Use the tonearm lever to lower the tonearm onto the record and enjoy the music!

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