Online vinyl record stores with cheap international shipping.

If you’ve ever tried buying records online from overseas, you may notice that shipping is often prohibitively expensive. I’ve compiled a list of record stores with cheap international shipping on vinyl records. Allowing you to buy vinyl from the UK or the USA without it costing you an arm and a leg. offers free international shipping on orders over $22.40 offers free international shipping on orders over $22.40

Visit them:



ImportCDs offers international shipping to most countries for $5 per record. It’s a good deal if you’re buying one specific deal from them but it can quickly add up if you buy multiple records. They have a huge range of vinyl records and CDs and often have 10% – 20% off sales.

Click here to visit them

Warner Music Store

Warner Music Store has a fixed shipping cost for all international orders and charges $9.99 to ship as many records as you want, as far away as you live.

Warner Music Store vinyl Shipping

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Visit them:


Juno Records

Juno Records is another UK based store. They charge just £3.60 per record sent via the Royal Mail’s First-Class Airmail. Not bad.

New Bitmap Image4

LPs cost a very low £3.60 to ship internationally.

Visit them:

Dusty Groove

Dusty Groove is a Chicago based record store that sells both used a new records. Records ship to most countries for about $9.00 + $4.00 per additional record.

New Bitmap Image5

If your country isn’t covered by International Economy Plus, you’ll have to pay $50 to ship one record.

Visit them:

MaxVinyl Records

MaxVinyl is a UK based store specializing in used records. They ship vinyl internationally for a very reasonable £12.00 per delivery + £3.00 per additional record.

MaxVinyl Records logo

Visit them:

VinylDigital is a record store based in Germany. They have very cheap international vinyl shipping and even cheaper shipping to other European countries. For non-European countries, the shipping costs are: €4.90 for 1 LP, €7.90 for 2-3, €16.90 for 4-8 and €31.90 for 9-20.

Visit them:

Napalm Records

Napalm Records is a European record store specializing in rock and metal music. It has decent international shipping costs if you’re buying lots of records.

Napalm Records international shipping costs Visit them:

Bananas Music

Bananas Music is a US based  online record store that airmails up to 4 LPs to most countries for $18.00.

Bananas Music

Visit them:

I haven’t tried any of the above record stores (except Amazon UK, which was very good) but after testing their checkout systems with a bunch of exotic countries it seems that these are the best places to buy vinyl with the lowest international shipping prices for vinyl records.

I’ll keep updating this post to add stores with cheap vinyl record shipping as I find them.

Do you know any record stores with competitive international shipping rates? Link to them in the comments below.


  1. is reliable? did you ever order from them? because they have quite attractive prices and a wide verityt of stuff.


  2. When buying vinyl overseas, have you ever been charged with extra fees upon delivery, like customs, VAT, taxes, courier, or brokerage fees?


  3. I have bought from a couple of times, considering the price of shipping that other record stores have, I think the website should be included in this list because not only is the shipping cost reasonable, the price of the used records in NM is also very cheap. Plus the package is fantastic, A+. They give you proper sleeves for your lp and the cover. Highly recommended.


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